Founded by a group of fisheries professionals, BAY HARVEST has now grown into a leading international fisheries development consultancy. The company, with its wide net work world-wide, is managing major projects in many parts of the world for clients, including all major funding agencies and many other notable public and private sector organizations.

We have our consultants worldwide to undertake short and long-term projects for our clients. Our main office is located in Cochin, on the south west coast of India and has representative offices in Malaysia and Vietnam.

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BAY HARVEST is now one of the independent fisheries consultancy in Asia, specializing in the management of aquatic environment and has a team of specialists in various aspects of fisheries, aquaculture, quality management and marketing.

Our Expertise and Services


Fisheries, continues to increase its scope and importance as a contributor to the world's cheap protein supply. It can be developed in a sustainable way in many rural and coastal communities; contribute to the local food supply, offer continuing employment and enhance the living standards. Fisheries projects, when properly planned and developed within a comprehensive regulatory framework, have minimal impact on resources and the environment.

Aquaculture ventures depend largely on proper site selection, scale of operation, species selection and appropriate technology and management approaches. Aquaculture operations must be designed with future expansion of the industry in mind. As operations increase in size, their dependence and impact on natural resources increases. Thus, sustainable development must encompass technical, economic and environmental components.

The Company specializes in the identification and management of fisheries projects worldwide, and in the formulation and implementation of fisheries development policies. Our areas of expertise include the following:

Capture Fisheries

  • Fisheries economics
  • Operation and management of resource specific fishing vessels
  • Technical and financial advice to commercial fishing operations
  • Designing of fishing ports and jetties
  • Development of fishing methods & fishing gear
  • Fishing vessel design
  • Harvest and catch handling methods

Culture Fisheries

  • Site selection and appraisal
  • Design of grow-out facilities (tanks/cages/ponds)
  • Feasibility studies and business plans
  • Preparation of project reports suitable for financial institutions
  • Formulation of aquaculture feeds
  • Design of fish and shellfish holding environments
  • Execution of experimental aquaculture projects
  • Environmental impact assessment of aquaculture facilities
  • Hatchery research and development
  • Operational assessments of hatcheries and grow-out facilities

Post Harvest Handing

  • Designing and equipping of fish handling/processing facilities as per international standards
  • design, construction, and commissioning of turn-key processing facilities
  • process technology for underutilized species
  • training of processing and facility management personnel
  • process flow improvement
  • preventive maintenance programs
  • design of cold storage facilities
  • efficient methods of shipping fish products
  • Product development and processing methods
  • establishment of Quality Management Programs (GMP, HACCP and QMP)
  • Designing suitable packages


  • Development of improved market channels
  • Market surveys
  • Market promotion


  • Post harvest handling and Quality Management
  • Value-added products
  • Development of Traceability tool for seafood industry

Quality Management Programme


We have personnel specialized in HACCP/EU Norms to meet the quality requirement of the international community. We will prepare your HACCP Manual and get you approval under US FDA and EU Norms. Right guidance is provided to set up Pre-Processing Plants, Processing Plants and cold storages at optimal investment for better profitability and marketing.

Other Services

The fishing industry is a very diverse and dynamic industry and continues to serve as a key component in the economic and social fabric of many developing countries. As countries grow in population there are increased demands on high quality protein sources. Consequently, the demand on fishery resources also increases. In light of increased fishing effort and declining resources, it is imperative that fisheries management be based on sound information and sustainable management principles.

In order to ensure sustainable fisheries management, it must be developed within the framework of coastal zone planning. Resource analysis, fishing effort impact, gear utilization and regulatory measures, all contribute to the successful management of a fishery. In addition, the fish that is landed must be optimally utilized. This can be achieved through the provision of improved infrastructure. BAY HARVEST is continually assisting in the development, enhancement and management of sustainable fisheries.

  • Market intelligence
  • Sourcing seafood products
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Feasibility studies
  • Fisheries joint venture negotiations
  • Expert services to marine insurance companies
  • Development of sustainable fisheries
  • Aquaculture certification
  • Designing processing facilities
  • Selection of machineries

Ornamental Fish

Setting up of Aqua-technology Park

  • A total consultation in setting up of aqua technology park for Ornamental Fish is offered which include.
  • Study water, soil and ground conditions and facilities available at the sites offered for establishing Aqua-technology Park for ornamental fish.
  • Study ground water quality at the proposed sites and nearest lake/river that could supply water for the proposed park/
  • Collate and analyze the costing for the purpose of detailing the cost estimates for the establishment of park.
  • Furnish a full report consisting of concept plan in respect of the Aqua-technology Park for ornamental fish, layout designs of model farm, export premises and preparation of detailed cost estimate of the park.
  • Economic analysis of the project.
  • Preparation of total feasibility report.

Consultation – Ornamental Fish Development


A total solution in Ornamental Fish development offered which include:

  • Providing details for sourcing brood stock
  • Match making with importers and providing importers details
  • Building up data base on Ornamental fish importers, trade details and technical experts' panel.
  • Exploring marketing tie-up/Joint-venture possibility
  • Facilitate training to the entrepreneurs on breeding of selected varieties
  • Conducting market studies
  • Preparation and evaluation of total feasibility report
  • Economic analysis of the project
  • Identification of technical expertise to set up bio-secure aquarium fish breeding units.

Customized Services

We always look after our clients' best interests and give them our best advice always. Our customized service includes market intelligence, sourcing your seafood requirements, pre-shipment inspection and loading supervision. We are more than just an independent seafood inspection agent.

Market Intelligence

We provides client based market intelligence, advices and forecast will support and always keep our clients one step ahead and help them to develop new and better strategies for their sustained business. We also provide details on raw material availability, its prevailing export price etc on weekly basis.

Sourcing seafood products

We offer our services to the importers to source their seafood requirements from India, Thailand and Vietnam. We do not buy or sell seafood but by using our service, our clients will eventually obtain cheaper and better quality seafood products. Sourcing seafood products at the cheapest price is not always a good strategy taking into consideration of long term business. Sourcing best quality products at the prevailing market price is more congenial. By focusing only on prices, it may lead to getting unstable and undesirable products which is not at all good for a sustained business. Use our advice to identify a good processor for a best possible deal and also avail our services to secure quality products. We also provide advices to our customers, and we guide them on their purchase of seafood products.

Pre-shipment/pre-loading Inspection

One of our specialized services is the pre-shipment inspection and loading supervision. To be efficient and to help our customers to maintain and develop their business, we suggest a strategy to minimize the risk of rejection. As part of our services, we also provide need based services tailored to our customers.

Pre-shipment inspection and loading supervision are key services we recommend to seafood buyers when purchasing seafood products. Our advice help our customers obtain the best deal while our inspection secures their purchase. We use the international norms as a guide but, more importantly, we apply professional approach to make objective inspection reports to help our customers to make an apt and timely decision. More than just providing inspection services, our objective is to support our customers on their seafood purchase.

We are working as Third Party Inspection and we represent neutral party to observe the quality of consignments. We issue objective QC report and the decision to accept or reject consignment(s) remains the responsibility of the buyer.

Buyers confirm order directly with suppliers and request for our inspection. Our inspections are carried out systematically by trained and experienced inspectors following international standards. Our team emphasize on the sampling method to make sure to come up with a representative result. After inspection we send a comprehensive inspection report supported with digital pictures to our customers. We also provide extensive organoleptic analysis of the product to help customers to make a decision on their consignments.

Loading supervision

Loading supervision complements the service for pre-shipment inspection and secures the loading of our customers' consignment. At the buyers' request; the supplier schedules the loading supervision with our Quality Control department. After loading supervision, we also send a comprehensive report supported by digital photographs to customers. For the customer's insurance, we always keep a temperature data logger in the container.

On-line processing supervision

Besides pre-shipment inspection and loading supervision, we also undertake online processing supervision of our client's seafood products on daily basis at the suppliers' premises. We would depute one of our qualified and experienced quality technicians for this who will monitor production of seafood products by checking quality of raw material used, supervise production and make a report on daily basis. This report will be provided to our customers which will help them to assess the production and know exact situation of the availability of cargo. More than just providing only inspection services, our objective is to support our customers on their seafood purchases.

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